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General Education

Evaluation in General Education


What happens to non-accredited general education institutions?

The institution not accredited after the external evaluation process does not have the right to organize the admission, to organize the final / graduation exams and to provide educational services. In the case of public institutions that have lyceum level, the non-accreditation has as a consequence the impossibility to carry out the educational process in the 10th-12th grades starting with the next school year.

How does the activity report made annually by the institution differ from the activity report made for 5 years?

The difference lies in the following aspects:

  • a) the number of pages to complete (20 pages are recommended for the annual activity report, 30 pages are recommended for the 5-year activity report);
  • b) The activity report for 5 years contains the synthesis of the activities from these years of activity and the results of the annual self-evaluation / internal evaluation of the institution for the last 5 years.

When are the activity report of the institution and the activity report of the management presented for approval?  

All activity reports are presented for approval at the joint meeting of the Teacher / Pedagogical Council and the Administration Council until September 20.

Are kindergartens subject to evaluation or accreditation?

Evaluation for accreditation is carried out only in private early education institutions.

Are the managerial staff holding the position of interim director exempt from evaluation?

All managerial staff in general education is subject to external evaluation every 5 years. (See: Education Code, art. 46)