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A new collaboration agreement was signed between ANACEC and QAHE

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A new collaboration agreement was signed between ANACEC and QAHE
14 August 2023

On 08.08.2023, a collaboration agreement was signed between ANACEC and QAHE, which stipulates that both parties:

1) will recognize each other's accreditation standards, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in a separate agreement to be negotiated and executed by both parties. Mutual recognition of accreditation standards will help improve the quality and credibility of higher education institutions around the world;

2) will promote each other's services to their members and audiences, subject to applicable laws and regulations. The parties will cooperate in developing joint marketing initiatives and promotional materials to facilitate cross-promotion;

3) they will collaborate in campaigns to promote a common message for the benefit of both institutions, identifying together the themes, objectives and strategies of these campaigns;

4) will explore opportunities for strategic partnerships that can create added value for both parties and engage in discussions and negotiations to identify potential areas of collaboration and develop mutually beneficial initiatives.

For more information about QAHE's work => https://www.qahe.org/